Reading through the month of July.

My husband sent me one of those meme’s on facebook that made mention of my incessant reading this past month. I’m an obsessive reader. What I mean by that is once I start a book I don’t want to put the book down. I don’t think I’m a fast reader but I can finish a 300 and some page book easily in a day. I discovered this during the month of July and began to plow through books like a fiend. Once I had a number of those smaller books under my belt I moved up to the big books just to spice things up. I started small by picking up a book my friend recommended, The Goldfinch.


I liked it but it was a little sad and considering my frame of mind I decided to find something lighter the next time I went to the library.  The Color Purple is one of my favorite books so I picked up a couple of Alice Walker’s books, Now is the Time to Open Your Heart and The Chicken Chronicals. I enjoyed these too but still not quite what I needed. While in Barnes and Noble I picked up a book they had wrapped in brown paper with a little description on top about the book. The book was Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen.

gardenspells-lg moon-lg peachkeeper-lg sugarqueen-lg

I loved the book because it was fun and happy with a little magic thrown in. It dawned on me that the library probably carried some of her other books so I proceeded to read, The Peach Keeper, The Sugar Queen, and The Girl Who Chased the Moon. I see that she has another book out so I better see if they have it at the library. Next I moved on to the big guns and picked up A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness. Loved it but discovered it’s a triliogy so the next trip to the library I picked up the second in the series and discovered the third book would be out mid-July. Got the third book as soon as it showed up at the library, I think that was my favorite of the series.

A discovery of witches

I started bringing home multiple books with every trip to the library and going back the next week to get more. As of this writing I have read besides the afore-mentioned, Chocolate, The Lollipop Shoes, Peaches for Monsieur Le Cure and Five Quarters of the Orange by JoAnn Harris. She has some others that I want to read too. Two fantasy books that I enjoyed; The Ocean at the End of the Lane and then Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman. The writing felt very familiar to me but I couldn’t ever put a finger on what it was. I hadn’t ever read one of his books but he is the author of Coraline so maybe that was it. I read The Witching Hour by Anne Rice, the ending made me mad and again found out it is the first of three but at this point I have no desire to read the other two. Leaving Van Gogh by Carol Wallace, was fiction based on the last days of VanGogh’s life, which I very much enjoyed, and The River Swimmer by Jim Harrison. The last book was very different from the others that I read. Now I’ve moved on to listening to books on tape while I work in the studio, a highly recommended way to enjoy two loves at once.

I feel as though I’ve missed something but overall quite a few books in a months’ worth of reading. It seemed to be exactly what I needed. It appears that there is nothing better than enjoying happy books to sooth a ragged soul. I have come out the other side feeling so much better. Even though it may appear that this was all I must have been up to I also managed to fit in a jewelry making class, a workshop in felting, a music festival and a few other things but mostly I think my head was buried in a book. Oh here’s another one I need to read. See ya.