I have been a maker my whole life. It started with small books that I would make and decorate by tracing my hand on the cover, mud pies and lots of drawings. Eventually I graduated to other media. I was always the kid in the class that did other student’s art for them. Settling on one type of media proved too difficult for me. I liked constantly trying new things. This worked well when I became a middle school art teacher. It allowed me to work in all types of media; jewelry making, printmaking, weaving, batik, painting, drawing anything I could think of. The best thing is seeing a student become excited about what they are creating and proud of their work when finished.

Unfortunately, the stress of teaching in an urban school district finally caught up with me and I’m currently on medical leave for work related stress and depression. This has been something that I’ve never experienced in my life. I’ve always been the type of person that could talk to just about anyone. I would carry on a conversation with the person behind me in line at the grocery store and my daughter would ask, “Do you know them?” “No”, I would say, "I just met them." That was me. I don’t know this new person. This person that can’t leave the house without a Xanax. Who is she? My Psychologist assures me that this is temporary and that I will eventually recover, but I don’t think that I will ever be the same. I’ve decided to look at this as the beginning of something new. Whenever my life has taken a new direction the beginning is always, in a word, hard and maybe even painful. Because of the depth of the pain it must be a beginning. I'm packing my experiences, passion and sense of adventure.

 So here we go a new beginning.