Daily Archives: January 29, 2015


You will forgive me if I get a little deep here. I would like to remind those of you who also follow me on my FB site cottagebeearts that I recently talked about starting a new book, "The Tibetan Art of Living and Dying". So all types of things have been roaming around inside of my head. When one is in a state like this every day things that you are exposed to, seemingly innocent things, sometimes causes a new idea to open up in your head. This happened to me, in the early morning hours on a snow day in Michigan. My husband is up for work at the ridiculous hour of 2 a.m., came in and woke me to say that school had been cancelled. Why is it on days you can sleep you are suddenly wide-awake? Usually though this is when I either get some great ideas for felting, obsesses about something stupid or get a revelation. This morning it was a revelation and a post for the blog, yeah me.

I had watched a funny little video of three tiny kids arguing about whether it was raining or sprinkling. "My Mom said it was sprinkling." "My Mom said it was raining." The conversation eventually lead to some poking by one, hurt by the other and the third who was trying to smooth things over. At the time of viewing I just thought they were funny and cute and innocent in the way that they were arguing over something that they were both right about and didn't even know it. Remember though that I'm reading a deep book and all this stuff is free wheeling around in my head. Add a little sleep and early morning wake-up and suddenly I'm having some profound thoughts about this little event.

This little video shows us in a nut shell what goes on all the time in this world and we aren't awake enough to see it. We are told or learn something from a trusted source and then when confronted with the same information in a different package we begin to argue about who is right not perceptive enough to realize that both sides are saying the same thing only in a different way. From a wiser perspective the argument looks silly. I wish I could say cute like those three little people but in the adult world these types of arguments spring up into violence and destruction. We are so determined to be right that we don't take any steps to understand that each of us is basically saying the exact same thing so that we can see how silly we are being and then someone gets poked in the heart.