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You will forgive me if I get a little deep here. I would like to remind those of you who also follow me on my FB site cottagebeearts that I recently talked about starting a new book, "The Tibetan Art of Living and Dying". So all types of things have been roaming around inside of my head. When one is in a state like this every day things that you are exposed to, seemingly innocent things, sometimes causes a new idea to open up in your head. This happened to me, in the early morning hours on a snow day in Michigan. My husband is up for work at the ridiculous hour of 2 a.m., came in and woke me to say that school had been cancelled. Why is it on days you can sleep you are suddenly wide-awake? Usually though this is when I either get some great ideas for felting, obsesses about something stupid or get a revelation. This morning it was a revelation and a post for the blog, yeah me.

I had watched a funny little video of three tiny kids arguing about whether it was raining or sprinkling. "My Mom said it was sprinkling." "My Mom said it was raining." The conversation eventually lead to some poking by one, hurt by the other and the third who was trying to smooth things over. At the time of viewing I just thought they were funny and cute and innocent in the way that they were arguing over something that they were both right about and didn't even know it. Remember though that I'm reading a deep book and all this stuff is free wheeling around in my head. Add a little sleep and early morning wake-up and suddenly I'm having some profound thoughts about this little event.

This little video shows us in a nut shell what goes on all the time in this world and we aren't awake enough to see it. We are told or learn something from a trusted source and then when confronted with the same information in a different package we begin to argue about who is right not perceptive enough to realize that both sides are saying the same thing only in a different way. From a wiser perspective the argument looks silly. I wish I could say cute like those three little people but in the adult world these types of arguments spring up into violence and destruction. We are so determined to be right that we don't take any steps to understand that each of us is basically saying the exact same thing so that we can see how silly we are being and then someone gets poked in the heart.



Give me a head with hair, long beautiful hair
Shining, gleaming, streaming, flaxen, waxen
Give me down to there, hair, shoulder length or longer
Here baby, there, momma, everywhere, daddy, daddy

Hair, flow it, show it
Long as God can grow, my hair"

Hair" was written by Mac Dermot, Galt/rado, James/ragni, Gerome.


I love my hair.

I currently have the best hairstyle that I have ever had and don't ever plan on changing it. But never say never. A former student asked me when I would stop growing it and I said that I would be done when they curled it around my feet in my casket. In reality I couldn't stand for it to be that long and probably won't let it get long enough that I'm sitting on it. The weight would be too much and I would probably start getting headaches, which I'm prone to. I get comments, or am asked about my hair several times a week and some weeks it's more. When I first started locking my hair I noticed people looking at me all the time. Five years later I don't notice so much but people aren't as sneaky as they think they are. When you look at someone and then turn quickly to whisper in your friends ear it's pretty obvious that something is up and I'm probably the topic of conversation.


It took me two years of thinking about it before I actually put them in. First I would tentively mention getting them, in a joking manner, to my daughter or a close friend. I read a lot about how to put them in, take care of them and the best thing I read was from about what to expect when you had them and how to think about the reactions you would get. If you are going to wear your hair in a way that is very different from the mainstream in your community you are going to get some attention. It's the way that you look and deal with that attention that makes the experience either positive or negative. I chose positive.


If I catch someone staring at me I just smile and say hello. What this leads to has always been a great interaction or at the worst a pleasant greeting. I've never had a bad experience ever. I've had the most intersting conversations that have started because of my hair. My hair makes me approachable to many people, it makes a big statement about me before I even open my mouth. It also makes me very recognizable. I laughingly say that I have to always be on my best behavior because my hair makes people remember me, but it's true.

So here is to hair in whatever style you choose to express yourself.



Let it fly in the breeze and get caught in the trees
Give a home to the fleas, in my hair
A home for fleas, a hive for the buzzing bees
A nest for birds, there ain't no words
For the beauty, splendor, the wonder of my hair.








My new year came in very quietly this year. John, Morgan and I just hung out at home watching movies and eating snacks. I was totally content with this and hope it reflects the coming year. This is the first year that I'm not making a resolution. I've tried them in the past and have never been very successful or very long. I think that part of the reason I'm not making a resolution is that I'm already in the middle of making changes in the direction of my life. Of course this started with my mind and body sending me a huge wake up call. I realized that I wasn't living a life that was healthy for me. So the first major step I took was to quit my job and go back to school. I enrolled at WMU in their Holistic Health masters certificate program. I have really enjoyed the classes and have been given a lot to think about. I also made time for my own art and began selling it, which has been very fun.

Photo from Denver Back Pain Specialists

One of my assignements last semester was to make a plan to change something in your life. At the end of the semester you wrote a short response paper on how well your plan went. My plan was to increase my physical activity. I took a Tai Chi class through Western and would drop in on a yoga class every once in awhile or I would show up to another Tai Chi class that my instructor taught. My goal was to choose an activity that I was likely to continue. I also wanted something that had a mind, body connection. Both Tai Chi and Yoga meet this extra requirement.

vitamins    Another class requirement from last semester was a research paper. The topic I chose was Holistic Approaches to Depression and Anxiety. One of the things I discovered was that nutrition plays a big role in combating depression and anxiety. I'm not a doctor or health care professional so I'm just telling you what I'm doing and why. The following is a small excerpt from my paper explaining the connection a little further.

"As stated in by Karren, Smith and Gordon in Mind Body Health, “depression is the richest, most striking example in psychiatry, and possibly in all of medicine, of the relationship between the mind and body.” (2014) Depression is linked with the neurobiology of the body.(Karren, Smith & Gordon, 2014). Poor nutrition has a huge impact on depression and anxiety. Diets that are high in carbohydrates can cause depression. Amino acids, and vitamins such as folate, B6, B12, and serotonin are examples of vitamins and chemicals that are important to mental health among other things. Researchers believe that the lack of adequate amounts of these vitamins and chemicals cause depression. Lack of these due to poor nutrition in turn leads to other events in the bodies balance such as insulin resistance, which then leads to more anxiety and depression leading to more insulin resistance. It’s a vicious circle that can be combated with improving nutrition." 

So in order to help with my health I added a complete whole vitamin, fish oil and B-stress tab that contains a variety of vitamin B's including the B6 and B12. I think we too often focus on diet as being a weight control issue instead of an entire heath issue. I added the vitamins because it was an easy way to begin and make sure I was getting the things I need to help me combat my anxiety and depression in a holistic approach. Don't get me wrong I still take a perscription but I'm hoping to actually take myself off of it eventually.

In case you are unfamialiar with the lady above, this is the Venus of Willendorf and you must know who she is to understand the following statement. When I asked for the body of a Goddess I should have been more specific. One of my friends recently said this to me and I found it very funny. Especially since this is my shape too. The funny thing is once I started thinking about my body being the shape of a goddess my perception of how I looked began to change. I do want to tackle the eating thing and get that in order too but not focusing on weight but focusing on health. Matter of fact I'm not worrying about my weight other than trying to accept myself the way that I am and love my body despite it's imperfections.


Of course along with the school thing I'm working on felting and pursuing my craft along with the holistic study. I participated in about 6 craft fairs, selling my felt. I had a great time and sold work. I'm also in the planning process of adding more shows for this year. A group of artist friends and I have created a group to help each other with this and we are meeting for the first time at my house this Friday. I'm very excited about this new step and think it will be great to have others to help with ideas for our businesses. One of the steps I need to take is make sure I'm posting more often on my blog. So I'm going to work at you all hearing from me more often. Thanks for starting this journey with me and I hope that I can encourage you to take steps to reach your goals and enhance your lives.

Happy New Year my friends! May you find peace and balance in your lives.