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Do you still have a best friend?

I feel a shift in the world. I’m sure that it’s not just under my feet. I think others are feeling it too. Do you feel a shift? I would say that it’s my age but my daughter feels it too, although I think she is an old soul. I have reached an age where female relationships have become even more important to me. I think I’m stepping into a new phase but I don’t think I’m stepping alone, there are many women stepping with me. I keep thinking that it’s possibly the beginning or continuation of the women’s movement, phase 3. It is time to come together as women and make some changes. Let’s nurture one another, stop competing for men, and stop judging each other for our life choices and how dirty our house is. Too many times women seem to be the first to condemn another woman’s choices. This needs to stop. If we can end this unnecessary condemnation and senseless competition we would be a force to be reckoned with.

Photo from meloveletters.com

I received the most wonderful gift a couple of weeks ago. I was invited by a facebook friend to come and visit. We met at a felting class and have continued to get to know each other over facebook. Something I posted one day prompted her to send me this message, “Good luck with all of the changes in your life, my friend! Also, keep in mind that I am only a (long) car ride away. If you would like to spend a few days playing with felt, we can certainly sort out some dates.”I accepted immediately. The funny thing was I thought she lived about 5 hours closer than she did, but I was not deterred.

philidelphia 021
On my way to Heather's.

Some people were amazed that I would go and she said some of her friends were amazed that she would ask me to visit. My response to all their questions was, “She’s a felter.” I was right. Heather said she, had “a spidy sense,” that I needed some nurturing and nurturing is what I got.

philidelphia 056
One of the many wonderful meals.


Once I got to her house she fed me a wonderful meal and we began our non-stop conversation. This stream of consciousness conversation didn’t stop until I drove out of her driveway and headed home. For two whole days and three nights she took care of me. We felted, ate and talked non-stop. She has a wonderful home filled with things that she has created and I had to look at everything.

philidelphia 053  philidelphia 071

I met one of her four daughters and enjoyed listening to her enthusiastic conversation. By 9:00pm I was exhausted and would take a shower and hit the bed. She made me want to reach out to other friends of mine and make sure they get some nurturing too.

day with kim 003
Me and my sista from another mista.

So I challenge us all to reach out to a friend and give her some love, whether it’s just making time to visit, having dinner together or just meeting for coffee. Make some time to have some face time.

Heather gave me a wonderful gift of being nurtured. It came at a much-needed time. Now I need to pass that on.