Daily Archives: May 22, 2014

This that and the other thing; is actually what I have been up to lately. Lots of little projects are kind of nice sometimes. You get to make great progress and feel good about things. I’m going to run through the little things that I’ve been up to.

Spring 2014 074 Spring 2014 076

So I have this sisal rug that was on the back porch last summer. This spring when I got it out it was stained and not looking so good. I tried washing it with and cleaner that had bleach in it and when it dried it did look slightly better but still not great. I decided at that point that I was going to try and dye it. It’s a natural fiber I have dye and vinegar in the pantry, why not. A lot of my projects start out like this. First you need to have the frame of mind that it doesn’t matter what happens in the end you can either fix it or it’s better than it looks right now so it’s worth a shot. I dragged the rug out into the yard, threw hot water on it with vinegar, got out some powder dye from Dharma that I had used a couple of summers ago to dye leggings and sprinkled the dye over the rug. I liked how the dye spread like water color when you use wet on wet technique. I used dark colors because, that’s what I had and it needed to be dark to cover the stains. Then I walked off and let it sit in the sun. Later on I came back threw it over the fence and rinsed it out and waited for it to dry. Of course it proceeded to rain for two days so I just got it back on the porch floor today. I actually like how it looks so win, win.

small projects 002

Next I hung up our camping flags on the ceiling of the porch and got the furniture set up in our summer arrangement. I want to get an umbrella for the table but that will have to wait. The flags make the porch so festive and I love it. I’m thinking of putting up some twinkle lights too and then we will be ready for a party.

small projects 007

001I finished a book a friend recommended, “The Goldfinch”. I’m still thinking about it so I can’t give a recommendation yet. I have a reading problem, once I get into a book I have a hard time putting it down. I become so wrapped up in the story that I become obsessed with finishing the book. It took me the first 145 pages to really get into the book and there were a couple of points when I got so frustrated with the main character that I wanted to smack him but I was happy with the ending. I don’t think I would put it in my top ten but it gave me something to think about.

4-6 felt for etsy 037I finished felting some purses, which have already been posted but I do want to show what I did with this bag. When I finished I felt it was too plain so I added some needle felting to the front. I'm much happier with it now. etsy photos purses 002I did pick up some fabric that I’m going to do some experimenting with. I’ve never used anything with this type of embellishment but I’m curious to see what happens. I’ve seen some very cool work by Dawn Edwards using sequined fabric and it adds a great texture and bling to the work.

I got a package in the mail from a friend in California that got on board with my goal of saving avocado pits and skins. small projects 003She sent me a little care package with little baby avocados in it and some pepper berries. Thanks Kara!! The babies are so cute but I don’t think they are an option since I would need a ton to get enough to 002use for dye. The bigger ones are going to have to be my option. Next step is feeling crazy enough one of these days to go and talk to one of the Mexican restaurants in town to see if I can get some from them or just be patient and wait as I collect what I need.


Started working on the garage. My goal is to make this my studio. We’ve been in our house for many years and I’ve used just about every room for my projects except maybe our bedroom. For a variety of reasons these spaces just haven’t worked for me. Well they work but aren’t great in the long run. I get tired of the dining room being full of roving and all the felting accoutrements. I’ve also used the living room but same thing. I don’t like the basement it doesn’t have enough light and the space is hard to work in. Morgan’s room is hasn’t been an option since she was born. 003

So the next step is the garage. We tend not to park in the garage because it’s usually full of crap, which means I just need to get rid of the crap. John is on board with this option because it means that all my supplies will have a home out of the basement and he can finally claim that area as his man cave. I will love having a place that I don’t have to put things away when I’m working but the mess won’t interfere with the rest of life.


On top of this I’ve also been spending time in the yard with the dogs, which probably goes without saying. Finally got the part I hate cleaning cleaned, yeah, but still have some other areas to finish up along with cleaning out the pond. That’s the update for now; need to see what’s next on the list so I can get busy.