Daily Archives: May 13, 2014

Spring 2014 003

My list of to-dos is being ignored while I enjoy just sitting outside with the cool breeze and the bird song. Libby has found a place to lie in the dirt that is to her liking for now and Luna can’t quite figure out what she wants to do, half heartedly sniffing at this or that but mostly just standing around daydreaming. Well that’s what it looks like she’s doing. Lol Morgan was up all night working on art so she is finally sleeping.

Spring 2014 019

I also hear the trains in the distance blowing their horns. I have specific memories tied to the sound. Reading late at night in a big bed with crisp sheets at my grandparents house; up in the middle of the night nursing my new baby girl and now sitting on my patio enjoying the comfort of home. My refuge from the outside world, at home I’m strong and whole. I’ve always enjoyed working in the yard and being outside, but now it brings even more comfort. The last few days have been nice and warm so everything is finally popping. The trees have leaves and the hostas are coming up too so I needed to really get out front and get those perennial beds cleaned up.

Spring 2014 008

I’m a tree person and love the maples in my yard, but I hate the helicopters that fall from the trees. I don’t know if it’s the large amount that fall or what but every spring we have lots and lots of little saplings. If I don’t get them pulled well or miss one they get harder to pull. Sometimes they hide in my bushes and I end up having quite a little tree to pull. One bed in particular is the worst one to clean because of what is planted in that bed. It takes me forever. Yuck!

Spring 2014 037

The dogs love to follow me around and keep me company. Libby stays right around and follows me from bed to bed. Luna, however, is a stinker and wants to visit other yards. I let her come out for awhile, but when she starts to wander she gets banished to the backyard. She runs back and forth between the two gates and the windows objecting to her confinement so I prefer to work in the backyard.

Spring 2014 060  Spring 2014 058

I also like the privacy of the backyard. I recently picked up a new magazine from Stampington & Company called Willow and Sage. The first article captured my imagination. The women in the article, has a bed and breakfast that has tent units and the units have their own cast iron tub. They are filled up with a hose and heated with some unit that she has placed under the tub. O…M…G I want one. I have the perfect place behind my garage this is very private; add some canvas curtains and perfect place to bath after working in the garden. I know it sounds crazy but I think it would be so cool. Yeah I’m a nut. So now I need to find a claw foot tub. lol