Daily Archives: April 21, 2014

breakfast with the birds 234

The last two weeks have been difficult for a variety of reasons that I won’t go into. During this time I have found several things that bring great comfort. One is being outside. I already knew this but seem to forget from time to time and need to be reminded how important it is to maintain contact with nature. It can be as simple as taking a walk or hanging out in the backyard. My choice has been the backyard. On nice days I’ve been having coffee on the back porch. I make coffee and then out to the backyard. I sit silently without other distractions. No phone, book or laptop. I watch the dogs run around on important dog business and I watch the birds.

Photo by Stev Sholasky

As I sat in the backyard this morning a Robin flew in to take a bath. Robins are exuberant bathers. They fling the droplets of water all over as they flutter their wings. My presence was making her a little nervous so she flew up into a tree to preen. Something about watching the birds flit around the birdfeeder, trees, bushes and bird bath is very relaxing. The goldfinches are getting more and more yellow as the weather warms up. The chickadees in the bird house are busy going in and out and the other birds come and go to the bird feeder.

breakfast with the birds 229

The dogs love going to the backyard in the morning. They wait for me to start the coffee maker and out they go. The older dog, Libby, finds a place that she likes to lay after checking things out all the time keeping her eye on me in case I go off someplace. The younger dog, Luna, thinks that it’s her duty to chase off anything on the ground. Her antics crack me up, running around at a quick pace like she has very important business to take care of. Then when she’s done she comes and sits in my lap. She has been taking good care of me while I’ve been home. As I write this she is curled up in the crook of my left arm. The big dog takes care of me too but she is too large to sit on my lap. All three of us do curl up in bed together after my husband heads off to work at 3 am.

breakfast with the birds 055

breakfast with the birds 053

Lately after my coffees done I work in the yard for a little while getting the beds cleaned up. This week I need to move to the front yard to get to those beds. Soon I will be planting my containers. This year they will contain herbs but I’m moving all the veggies to the front yard. The backyard just doesn’t get enough sun for vegetables.

So if you are feeling stressed or a little low get outside. Spend some time in nature. I also highly recommend a dog for company.