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I’ve been very scattered for the last week. Flitting from one thing to the next and forgetting what I’m doing half way to the next project. The forgetting part is the worst, it makes me mad. So I have taken to writing lists. As soon as I remember something I write it down. This has helped tremendously but it also calls into stark focus just how off I am. Here’s a list just to give you some insight.

Body Scrub, vodka, 750 milliliters, clamps, paperwork to school, truvia and vanilla coffee mate, planting garlic and lunch 2:00.

Explaining the list.

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  1. I’ve always had terribly dry skin and lately it’s been horrible. My little body scrubber just wasn’t working so I wanted to make some sugar scrub. Of course I couldn’t remember this until I was getting in the shower, too late. Because of my list I made some yesterday morning. This was handy because I’m not sleeping and I was up at 3:00 am. Pinterest is the best, if you haven’t tried it you need to. Looked up sugar scrubs and chose from about a million hits. Happened to have all the ingredients and got it done. Jumped into the shower and used it right away. Life saver!!! My skin feels wonderful and for the final touch, some coconut oil lotion that my Mom makes. Again a recipe from Pinterest and I’m good to go.
  2. The vodka is still on the list. I want to try and make Lemoncello. Have you watched the movie, Under the Tuscan Sun? I tried going to the store but half way there I turned around and came back home. For those that are confused right now the brief explanation is that I’m currently suffering with anxiety and depression. The anxiety is keeping me home bound many days. It sucks but I’m working things out and this too shall pass. Going to the store some days is just out.
  3. My wonderful husband has been helping me out. He is a great one for running errands. Never minds jumping in the car to do something for me. He also calls every day on his way home from work to see if we need anything. His assignment today was the Truvia and Coffee Mate. Plus when he got home he took the paperwork up to the Districts Central Office.
  4. Yup, I need to remind myself to eat. I’ve taken to writing it down since I’m gaining weight. I can’t figure out why I’m gaining weight when I can’t remember to eat, another thing that sucks.
  5. Lastly the garlic plating. I found out you are supposed to plant it in the fall like other bulbs. It’s still sitting on the counter. I’m going to plant it any way since its already sprouting.

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Along with this I’ve also been felting, working in the backyard and a variety of other things that I don't forget. Here’s the lovely new bag I’m in the process of finishing. The colors are so pretty and I changed the shape of my pattern a little. I think I might have to test drive this one to see if the size and shape work. This contains the alpaca fiber from Hazzard Alpacas, my Cousin Patti’s farm and some more fiber from Bricolage Studios, my friend Emily’s business. I love including materials from other small businesses in my work. Especially when they are people I know and love.

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I’ve also just finished reading a book, Like a Tree, How Trees, Women and Tree People can Save the Planet by Jean Shinoda Bolen. This book is going on my list of most influential books in my life. I’m already thinking about rereading it. Do you have a list like that? One of the other books from that list is Creativity by Matthew Fox. I threw that in too because Bolen reference the author. I had been thinking about this book recently and then it is referenced in the book I’m reading. On top of that I suddenly realized that a book I read about a month ago was also one of Bolen’s and I had ordered another of hers as well. Synchronicity.

Now I’m going to write my list so that I will remember what I’m doing. Until next time, Peace.